18 October 2011

oknai - a request from Slovenia

Sometime back in July I received an email from a nice fellow who went by the name of Janko Mandic and came from Slovenia. He tells me that he's a musician (stage name: oknai) and that he's just happened to come across my blog. Anyway, he loved my photos from La Palma, taken way back in March, and asked permission to use a couple on the artwork for his forthcoming album. Of course I gave the project my blessing and now, 3 months down the line, I have 4 pristine copies sitting next to me.

The guys who designed the pack have done a great job and really made my photo sing (no pun intended), here's some nice photos that i've stolen from http://www.djfood.org/



You can find more photos and a more detailed (much more in fact) analysis of the pack over here... http://www.djfood.org/djfood/oknai-aint-a-dream-cd-packaging

You can find out more about oknai over here... http://soundcloud.com/oknai

Diana Lens + Canon DSLR = Dreamy photos. Let me show you...

Soft edges, major chromatic aberrations, Lens flares and strong colours. I'm learning to love this lomographic lens adapter combo more and more every day...



A few things that I've ffffound today...

2 October 2011

Digital Lomography anyone?

Did anyone else see the Lomography Groupon a while back? A £50 voucher to spend in store for £20... utter bargain! I spent mine yesterday morning down at the East London store on Commercial St, buying myself a 38mm Diana lens and an adapter that allows you to FIT IT TO A DSLR!!!! I know, mental right?

Well here's a product of my experimentations with it from yesterday afternoon. You get the nice, slightly soft focus and slightly weird chromatic abberations like with your usual Diana camera, which is great because sometimes i find that digital cameras are way too clean and crisp for my liking. You don't get any vignetting though, which I think is a shame because that's part of the charm of a lomo photo! So I added a bit in later to make it more "authentic".


I wish they'd bring back the Routemaster... It's such a classic

27 September 2011

The UK's favourite building is...

...St Paul's Cathedral apparently.

It's many things to many people... an historic artifact from the 1600's, a great example of the genuius of Sir Christopher Wren or the defiant symbol of a nation in the midst of war. For me, it's the way it's still a major, imposing figure on the London skyline nearly 400 years since it was first built and looks better than most of the buildings created since.


15 September 2011

Wish you were here? The sun always shines in Toy Town

This is a brilliant little video... take the principles of tilt-shift photography, a little Greek sunshine and speed it all up to transform the island of Crete into the ultimate animatronic Toy Town.

If this doesn't make you smile you must be dead inside.

Cute Creta from joerg daiber on Vimeo.

21 August 2011

A Castle made of Gold

Watching the sun set every evening does have a very calming effect on me

If only I were on a Western beachfront, rather than on top of Stoke Newington High Street.

Still I'm getting lots of practice with my new camera! The exposure was a lot more balanced in this one which made post-processing a helluva lot easier. I've heard many times that the more you do in-camera, the better the end result and I think, compared to the shot form earlier in the week, this is a nice example of that.


Here comes the sun


Swing when you're Winning