27 September 2011

The UK's favourite building is...

...St Paul's Cathedral apparently.

It's many things to many people... an historic artifact from the 1600's, a great example of the genuius of Sir Christopher Wren or the defiant symbol of a nation in the midst of war. For me, it's the way it's still a major, imposing figure on the London skyline nearly 400 years since it was first built and looks better than most of the buildings created since.


15 September 2011

Wish you were here? The sun always shines in Toy Town

This is a brilliant little video... take the principles of tilt-shift photography, a little Greek sunshine and speed it all up to transform the island of Crete into the ultimate animatronic Toy Town.

If this doesn't make you smile you must be dead inside.

Cute Creta from joerg daiber on Vimeo.