2 October 2011

Digital Lomography anyone?

Did anyone else see the Lomography Groupon a while back? A £50 voucher to spend in store for £20... utter bargain! I spent mine yesterday morning down at the East London store on Commercial St, buying myself a 38mm Diana lens and an adapter that allows you to FIT IT TO A DSLR!!!! I know, mental right?

Well here's a product of my experimentations with it from yesterday afternoon. You get the nice, slightly soft focus and slightly weird chromatic abberations like with your usual Diana camera, which is great because sometimes i find that digital cameras are way too clean and crisp for my liking. You don't get any vignetting though, which I think is a shame because that's part of the charm of a lomo photo! So I added a bit in later to make it more "authentic".


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