21 August 2011

A Castle made of Gold

Watching the sun set every evening does have a very calming effect on me

If only I were on a Western beachfront, rather than on top of Stoke Newington High Street.

Still I'm getting lots of practice with my new camera! The exposure was a lot more balanced in this one which made post-processing a helluva lot easier. I've heard many times that the more you do in-camera, the better the end result and I think, compared to the shot form earlier in the week, this is a nice example of that.


Here comes the sun


Swing when you're Winning


16 August 2011

HDR sunset over N16

So, I recently bought my very first DLSR (woop!) in preparation for my round the world trip later his year. I've been practising with it like mad, partly because there's a lot of tools and functions you just don't get with Diana's/Trips/iPhones, mainly because it's FUN!!

As well as being humbled by the power of it, I'm immensely impressed with just how easy it is to use and, coupled with CS5's new HDR function (i've heard it's not as good as photomatix or other 'specialist' HDR software but it seems good to me), i've managed to capture some beauties so far. To quote a well-known kids TV show... Here's one I made earlier:


Expect to be seeing a few more from me over the next few weeks.

It's a moody one out there this evening