31 May 2011

Fried Egg Fun

Like eggs as much as i do? Surf on over to my Redbubble page to buy a T-shirt, sticker or err... a baby grow to pronounce your undying love for the humble fried one


29 May 2011

Rooftop Buddies

Where better to spend a lovely sunny evening in London than on your roof with a mate and some cans?


P <---

Nice, big, solid, parking sign


26 May 2011



Bla bla bla ya da ya da moo

Print Ed Matter

Ironically, you're viewing it digitally though. Loving the inconsistent hatch lines generated by Illustrator here.



19 May 2011

Max Power(s)

I've just had the pleasure of discovering the work of Richard Powers, a surrealist artist and illustrator of hundreds of book covers. His sci-fi work is particularly amazing and there's a brilliant archive of it all over here. I fully expect it to blow your mind.


17 May 2011

Shoreditch Overground

When it was first built i couldn't believe anyone could sanction such a concrete disaster as the new Shoreditch section of the London Overground. It's big, ugly, cumbersome and unimaginative. I still hate it but sometimes you've got to work hard to find the connection that allows yourself to overcome a hatred.

So I decided to grab my camera and get snapping, again with J G Ballard's landscapes in mind, to find something positive for me to hold on to.



6 May 2011

Atrocity exhibition

Some quick snaps inspired by a J G Ballard style dream I had the other night. More on the way...