8 July 2011

Cloud watching and #dreaming of an #adventure soon to be realised

Beards, Paints and Geometry a good mix do make

Morning everyone, amongst all the rubbish rainy weather this week one ray of sunshine has managed to fight through. His name is Barry McGee and he's currently got an exhibition on at the Stuart Shave Modern Art Gallery on Eastcastle St (nearest tube Oxford Circus).

Full of hand painted bearded characters amongst geometric patterns it's quite a surreal and trippy experience. Get right up close to the pics and your mind starts to warp... in a good way of course.

Obviously not one to be confined to canvas, Mr McGhee has applied himself to all kinds... wood, glass, bodyboards (!) you name it.

Entry is free and it's well worth a visit. More info here... http://www.modernart.net/exhibitions

7 July 2011

Johnny & Angus' Apathetic Interviews Episode2: ME

Have you ever heard of Johnny and Angus? Two of the coolest and fun creatives currently residing in adland?*

No? Well my friend you are missing out big time. Their blog is one big treasure trove full of funny and interesting critiques of modern day advertising and trending.

Personally, I've known them for years (brag, brag, namedrop, brag). They're great mates of mine and last week they asked me to be a part of an interview series they're currently doing. Needless to say, I accepted and you can now read the results over at http://johnnyandangus.posterous.com

Hope you enjo and thanks to J&A for asking in the first place. Always a pleasure Sirs!

*(more specifically, they work for Rapier)