18 October 2011

oknai - a request from Slovenia

Sometime back in July I received an email from a nice fellow who went by the name of Janko Mandic and came from Slovenia. He tells me that he's a musician (stage name: oknai) and that he's just happened to come across my blog. Anyway, he loved my photos from La Palma, taken way back in March, and asked permission to use a couple on the artwork for his forthcoming album. Of course I gave the project my blessing and now, 3 months down the line, I have 4 pristine copies sitting next to me.

The guys who designed the pack have done a great job and really made my photo sing (no pun intended), here's some nice photos that i've stolen from http://www.djfood.org/



You can find more photos and a more detailed (much more in fact) analysis of the pack over here... http://www.djfood.org/djfood/oknai-aint-a-dream-cd-packaging

You can find out more about oknai over here... http://soundcloud.com/oknai

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