24 March 2010


My good friend Becky has just launched a new web shop selling "hand made cute stuff". It's really great, Japanese-pop inspired accessories, go and check it out here. You can also become a fan on Facebook to get regular updates about new pieces.

I like her stuff so much, I designed a logo for her.. which looks like this:

KASMs on Safari

Some pics taken at KASMS' SXSW warm up gig...

23 March 2010

A Blue Sky Is Always In Vogue

I took this photo whilst out on one of the rare spring-ish days we've had in London over the last couple of weeks. I love it so much that I've made it available to buy as a print over at Redbubble. Check it...

22 March 2010

Tilt Shift photography

Tilt-Shift photography is a fancy pants term for making photos of real life trick the viewer's eye into believing the captured images are those of miniature model sets. There are cameras available that will take photos like this, or by using lens blur, over-saturation and a bit of high contrast you can do it yourself with any normal photo..

But it obviously helps to make them look like a model if you take the original photos from a higher perspective (examples taken from HERE)...

Here's a great tutorial if your interested in experimenting yourself.

12 March 2010

Destroy All Monsters

I recently stumbled upoon an exhibition showcasing a shedload of art associated with the cult garage band Destroy All Monsters. Suffice to say to blew my mind.. my camera ran out of film whilst there but i managed to capture the below images which merely hint at the insanity that was on show..

Although i'd never heard of the band before this moment, i later discovered that the members included Ron Asheton of The Stooges and Michael Davis of the MC5. Amazing. Check out more about the band here

March(ing) Orders

11 March 2010

New T-shirts

I've been busy uploading some new work to Redbubble, check it out by clicking on the banner below...

Buy my t-shirts here

FREE Televised Crimewave show

We're playing a special one off show next week (Wed 17th March) with our good friends Chapter Sweetheart. It's at the Lock Tavern in Camden and it's COMPLETELY FREE to get in.

We haven't played a show for 3 months whilst we work on new songs (which we will be recording in a nice shiny studio in April). If you want to hear what we've been up to, come and hang out...