7 February 2011

FREE music... & Not-So-Free music

So Televised Crimewave is no longer a live entity... but that doesn't mean we can't still give you some nice goodies!

As a way of thanks for all your support over the years we're giving away a free collection of recordings, some "professionally" done and others not so... All you need to do is CLICK HERE and you'll be sucked through an inter-dimensional portal where you'll be placed in exactly the same point in time but on another plane of reality. The only difference being you'll have a nice shiny zip file on your hard drive.


If however, that doesn't satisfy your ears enough, and you're feeling a bit flush head over HERE to buy a vinyl copy of our new, limited edition, posthumous single "Help The Girl". Amazingly, this also includes a voucher to download a digital copy for free. But if you just need a quick fix you can just download it from Amazon instead.

Who says Monday's aren't great?

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